Our next event happens 22-25 August 2024. Come co-create with us!

Our event: Feu au Lac

Our annual event is known as “Feu au Lac.”

“Feu au lac” translates to “the lake is on fire”. In Swiss Romande, this is a common phrase which is intended to reassure people that there are no emergencies and all is as expected, and there’s probably no need to rush. The lake in question is Lac Leman, which stretches from Geneva to Montreux and is seen by most of francophone Switzerland.

Experimentalia seeks to create spaces where all is not quite as one might expect. And while we don’t want to make anyone rush, we do want to create spaces of surprise and magic as unexpected as Lac Leman catching fire.

Feu au Lac 2024: Cozy edition

This year’s edition of Feu au Lac is a more intimate experience for our Suisse Romande family and our adopted family from abroad. 

We will be based across 2 chalets near Bienne, Switzerland, from 22-25 August 2024. More details (exact address, directions for getting there, realities of parking and what needs to be brought) will be sent around later in a survival guide.

Interested? Pick up your intergalactic co-creator pass from the link below. We look forward to a warm, wacky, little adventure with you.

Past Feu au Lacs

They are over, but not forgotten! See information about our previous events here.

The theme of Rebirth invited us to reflect on our past, to learn from our mistakes, and to let go of the things that no longer serve us. More info here.