Feu au Lac 2024, Cozy Edition, will take place from 22-25 August 2024.

2024’s theme is “Cozy”. 

Sometimes what your soul needs is a cup of hot cocoa. And what happens when that soul, that should just be wrapped in a fuzzy blanket, still wants to party? Well, we get Feu au Lac 2024: Cozy Edition.

Cozy says “we’re tired, but we missed you.”

Cozy says “we didn’t have time to cook, but we’re glad you stopped by.”

Cozy says “we weren’t sure we had the energy, but it turns out we needed this.”

Now. It’s still a burn. Don’t get us wrong. There’ll be the usual wild shenanigans. But with a smaller crowd. Bring as much madness as you like, and help us co-create this thing. Expect more intimate conversations, dance-offs that are less huge rave and more rocking out in your living room, and overall the sweetness of a small community that wants to get to know you, you wonderful human that came all this way to meet us.

Feu au Lac 2024 wants to give you a hug. Join us!

Why “Le Feu au Lac”?

“Le feu au lac” translates to “the lake is on fire”. In Swiss Romande, this is a common phrase which is intended to reassure people that there are no emergencies and all is as expected, and there’s probably no need to rush. The lake in question is Lac Leman, which stretches from Geneva to Montreux and is seen by most of francophone Switzerland.

Experimentalia seeks to create spaces where all is not quite as one might expect. And while we don’t want to make anyone rush, we do want to create spaces of surprise and magic as unexpected as Lac Leman catching fire.