Making the burn go ’round

Shifts are how burns run! They are one of the best ways to get involved and see how this kind of event is truly different from a festival. They are also an essential part of making the event function; without them, we simply do not have the staff to make sure the event is both fun and safe. You’ll be expected to sign up for a shift as part of your event participation. Descriptions of what we need people for are below.

SHIFT LEADS are our heroes <3 If you’re an experienced burner and can lead a shift, please tell us (there will be a space for this during the ticket buying process). If we get enough leads, we can make room for more lovely burners and make the event even bigger and better.

Shift details

RANGERS: Rangers are the “first response” team. They keep an eye out for situations that need attention, like making sure that no one wanders off and gets lost in the woods, or figuring out if someone needs the support of the medical or welfare team. They mainly get involved if they are asked for help or see someone who obviously needs it. This is a [mostly] sober shift.
WELFARE AND MEDICAL: These are our emotional and physical healers. Danced a little too enthusiastically and scraped a knee, or feeling a bit overwhelmed and need a cup of tea and a quiet space? These are the people who will look after you. No need for a medical degree, this is to provide basic first aid and/or emotional care, and decide if more help needs to be called. This is a sober shift. 
GREETERS/GATE: Welcome people at the door and give them the rundown of our principles! Check tickets and make sure everyone understands where to go and how to get there.
BAR: Experimentalia’s world-renowned 1970’s beach bar, La Pyrale, needs your bartending skills!
BUILD: Everything we need on site has to be put there by someone. Do you want to be that someone? Help us create spaces, build big art projects, and be part of making the magic happen. People on build shift come to the site a day early.
DECORATION: We’ve rented a lovely Swiss chalet, but it needs a bit more weird. Help us decorate!
LEAVE NO TRACE: Taking care of the earth is one of our most important principles. We as burners look after each other – and that means also after the environment. Leave no trace shift helps make sure that no matter is out of place.
STRIKE: Everything built must be unbuilt. Help us put things away for next year (and help us drink all the leftover booze).
KITCHEN: Can you chop carrots like a ninja? We have a professional kitchen and a kitchen lead ready to take up the challenge of cooking up a meal for saturday night. Join the team to help feed the body of the beautiful burners.