Important Information

Be prepared: The basics

THIS NOT A FESTIVAL, a party or a rave. At a burn, we are all creating something together. There are no spectators, we are all part of making the experience happen. The organising team is here to facilitate your creativity, but we don’t provide the entertainment. You want to see something at this burn? Make it! Bring it! Invite others to help you build it!
SHIFTS. As part of co-creation, everyone is expected to take at least one ‘shift’ during the event. More detail on what these are is on the ‘shift’ page. Shifts are one of the best ways to get involved in a burn, to meet people, to learn about burner culture, and to have a chance to make something together. If you are experienced burner and want to be SHIFT LEAD, we will be eternally grateful. When you buy tickets, there will be space to tell us what shift you are interested in. If you do not pick a shift in advance, one will be assigned to you on entry to the festival.
ART GRANTS are available to people with big ideas that might need some financial support to make them real. You can find the template and all the information you need to apply for Creative Grants here PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for sending in your application is 10 July!
CONSENT is very important to us, and is part of keeping you and everyone else in the community safe. Burners are beautiful people. And each of those people has the right to make decisions about what is okay for their body, emotions and personal space. ALWAYS ASK before touching someone or taking a photograph, make sure everyone in a photograph agrees before you post on social media or otherwise share. ALWAYS WAIT for a clear yes before proceeding. Silence is not yes. Never assume that consent is given because of how someone is dressed or behaving, and be sensitive to if someone is sober enough to give meaningful consent. “Yes!” means yes. Anything else means no. YOU MUST AGREE TO THIS TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS EVENT.
CHILDREN: There is no restriction on attendance by children. However, as we do not know what participants are going to bring and organise at the event, we cannot advise on whether it is appropriate for not-yet-adult individuals. There may be things you may not be comfortable about your children witnessing. If you haven’t attended a burn before, we suggest that you first experience it without your little ones to make an informed decision for the next one. You can read this piece about kids attendance at one of the largest regional burns (bearing in mind our burn is quite different in scale):

The venue: What is there and what isn’t

WHERE: The event will be held just outside of Saint Cergue in Swiss Romande. The closest city to fly into is in Geneva. The site can be accessed by both car and train from Geneva, though there is about a 15 minute walk from the closest train stop. Closer to the event, carpools and pickups could be organised via our Discord channel.

Check it out [real picture!] —>

WHAT: The space consists of two buildings (designated “the Castle” and “the School” and a field for camping. Each building has about 40 available beds in it, divided into dorms of various sizes (some only 3 beds, some more). We’ll be posting bed assignments soon so if you wanted, e.g., to plan to be in the same dorm with a group of friends that is possible. The central place is the Castle, where we intend to put the dance floor/loud zone. The School is located 100 m from the Castle and may be quieter. The campsite is located 100 m away, uphill from the Castle and will also be a quiet area. In between and around are some meadows with grazing cows (🇨🇭 Welcome to Switzerland 🐮) and forest beyond that. The whole site is relatively hilly with few flat areas.

FOOD and DRINK: Food is not included in the ticket price. However a group of burners (volunteers still needed -> check out the shift plan!) have decided to prepare a meal for Saturday evening. There are two ‘professional’ kitchens reserved for similar projects aiming to gift food to the community. Any such project will be more than welcome as it reduces the need for participants to prepare food for themselves. For the rest, we will create an outside kitchen to facilitate food preparation but we encourage you to be as self-sufficient as possible and keep things simple (camping style). The site has running water and there will be a bar 🙂

TOILETS and SHOWERS: Both buildings are equipped with toilets and showers. Note that the campground is a 100 m from the nearest building with bathroom facilities (more or less where the picture to the right was taken from).